Gatta Kusthi

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Aishwarya Lakshmi’s character, Keerthi, is a kata wrestler from Palakkad. He didn’t get a fiancée because of this. Veera (Vishnu Vishal), a wandering Kabaddi player named Kattapanjayat in Pollachi, desires to wed an ignorant woman with long hair.

Graduate Keerthy marries Veera while posing as an ignorant individual with shauri tresses. While everything is proceeding as planned, Veera’s secret is revealed, allowing him to fight off the assailants who are coming to murder Keerthy and save the girl. Veera dispatches him to his family’s home as a result. He is also getting ready to compete in the wrestling battle for recognition. Who ultimately triumphs? Veera and Keerthy hooked up, right?

Director Cella Ayyavu has animatedly told a progressive tale that emphasises gender equity between husband and wife and centres on Kata Kusti, a well-liked martial art in Kerala.

Women who compete successfully in other nations only need to outperform their on-field rivals. He has clearly stated that winning family members is something that our countrywomen take great pleasure in. He has also deftly evaded the label of “message film” by including plenty of humour.

It’s also true that occasionally patience is tried as pointless sequences progress through conversation. The sequences in which the hero engages in theft with his companions are, while occasionally amusing, overly formal.

Knowing the significance of the narrative, Vishnu Vishal reads it carefully. Aishwarya Lakshmi, a fighter who refuses to compromise her identity and self-esteem, makes a difference. Particularly the conflict during the interval where the “personality” first appears, an uncommon “heroine mass moment” in Tamil film!

Characters are provided with what they need by the patriarchal relative Karunas, the hero’s companion Kali Venkat, the heroine’s Siddappa Ramadoss, and the grappling expert Harish Baredi. The stories told by Reedin Kingsley make you guffaw aloud.

Justin Prabhakaran provided the music, and both the tracks and the narrative progression are enjoyable. Richard M. Nathan’s cinematography also provides the narrative with what it requires.


Directed byChella Ayyavu
Written byChella Ayyavu
Produced byRavi Teja
Vishnu Vishal
Aryan Ramesh
StarringVishnu Vishal
Aishwarya Lekshmi
CinematographyRichard M. Nathan
Edited byPrasanna GK
Music byJustin Prabhakaran
RT Team Works
VV Studioz
Distributed byRed Giant Movies
Release date2 December 2022
Box office₹30 crore

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