Iravin Nizhal

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Iravin Nizhal Movie in isaimini. In this article Iravin Nizhal Tamil Movie related information provider. This movie is most popular movie tamil peoples.


Nandu (Parthipan), who is 50 years old, finances movies. He borrowed money from the director at interest, and when he couldn’t pay it back, he and his wife committed suicide. The tragedy gained public attention.

The director’s wife and daughter hate him and abandon the home and vanish because they think Nandu is to blame for the director’s suicide. The cops move quickly to detain investor Nandu. Nandu grabs his gun and flees to a once-famous, now run-down, unkempt monastery. Then, without the media’s knowledge, he starts to recount his life’s events as they were captured on his smartphone in “audio.”

The narrative starts in 1977 Nandu is first seen as a six-month-old infant attempting to sip milk from his mother’s corpse, which is later revealed to have been killed by her husband and laying in a pool of blood.

It is referred to as “simple narration” if the tale takes place in the present, stays in the same setting, and follows a linear progression of events.

If the order of events is recounted in a forward-backward fashion and the characters journey through various lands and times, this is referred to as a “non-linear” narrative.

Of these two, single-shot story stories have been produced in numerous nations all over the globe. A mesmerising screen experience, however, is watching “Shadow of the Night” with the “I – Linear” screenplay filmed in one take, from the very first second until the very last second of the narrative develops on the screen.


Directed byR. Parthiban
Written byR. Parthiban
Produced byCaldwell Velnambi
Anshu Prabhakar
Dr. Pinchi Srinivasan
Bala Swaminathan
Ranjith Dhandapani
R. Parthiban
StarringR. Parthiban
Brigida Saga
Varalaxmi Sarathkumar
Robo Shankar
Priyanka Ruth
Anandha Krishnan
Jai Bala
CinematographyArthur A. Wilson
Edited byR. Sudharsan
Music byA. R. Rahman
Bioscope Film Framers
Akira Film Productions
Distributed byV Creations
Release date15 July 2022 (India)
Box office20 crores (approx.)

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